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HELP! Who is this stranger in my home?

A practical guide to understanding and connecting with your adolescents

Adolescence years comes with drastic changes, these include physical (the most obvious), emotional and cognitive (brain) development.

It’s important that you understand these changes in your adolescents and to help them transits seamlessly from childhood to adulthood.

In my new book “Help Who Is this Stranger In My Home” I have highlighted practical steps to understand your child and how-to guide and prepare him /her for the future.

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The internet is a useful tool which our children can use to their advantage. It can bring loads of opportunities to them. They can acquire new skills by using the internet The internet has brought the larger world closer and made the world a global village.


However, there are also dangers that the unsupervised usage of the internet can bring. with the availability and easy access to the internet we now have some children indulging in pornography and other unwholesome activities.


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