The recent cases of rape and sexual violence in the country have brought so much attention to family life and parenting.

Last week I had someone asking what’s the role of the family in all these sexual violence against girls and women, I had to educate the person on how the family plays an important role in the prevention of rape and sexual violence.

Everyone is a product of a family ,be it nuclear, extended or even foster. So as parents we have to teach our children (male and female) about sex and sexuality especially about consent.

Let your daughter know that she has every right to speak up, say NO and walk away from any uncomfortable, intolerable and unbearable circumstances. Teach them about coercion when they might be persuaded to do things against their will. Let them know that consent is about them setting boundaries based on your family values and their personal preference.

For your older adolescent or young adult male children let them know that any form of resistance on the part of any lady means NO and NO MEANS NO.

These teachings start from when they are young and ask for things in the home e.g cookies or permission to watch the television at the wrong time, when you say no, stick to your decision, explain to them that when you set boundaries and they breach it that there are consequences. When they say no to your requests please respect it too.

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