About Me

Psychologist and Certified Family Life Practitioner.

I’m Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi

Oluwatoyin is an advocate for authentic living and positive parenting.

Oluwatoyin is a Psychologist and a  Certified Family Life Practitioner.

She helps individuals to live a thriving life by providing them with tools and resources to cope with daily living and also helps parents to create a serene family life by teaching and providing them with practical strategies, tools and information to raise well- balanced children and Adolescents.


Schools Training



Parenting Support Group

She is the founder of Parenting Support System Ltd  an organisation that helps parents to create a serene family life without losing their cool

Oluwatoyin is the convener of  The No Yelling Challenge, Smart Parenting Workshop forums where parents get together to discuss issues relating to their parenting journey.

Oluwatoyin is also the author of The Parenting Journal, Smart Parenting, Help! Who is this stranger in my home and also many other e-books?

Oluwatoyin as a certified  Parenting Educator with the USAID Better Parenting Nigeria Curriculum programme has trained over 5000 parents on her online parenting platforms and groups.


Oluwatoyin has a passion for teaching and coaching parents to be deliberate in their role and parenting journey.

She is married with 3 great children.

She has been featured on many media platforms like Christian broadcasting network (700club) Channels Tv, AIT, RhythmFM, WeFM, ArmedForces Radio, NigeriaInfo Abuja, Vision Fm and also in Print media like the Daily Trust.

Parenting support system is an organization founded by Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi out of the desire to provide guidance and tools for parents to raise healthy, successful, happy and emotionally stable child(ren). Tools that will prepare the children for the world and future ahead

Our vision is to be the preferred family support structure where parents can get adequate information, guidance and support to build a nurturing and healthy relationship with their children