💥Do you have the picture of your ideal child(ren)?

💥Do you have a dream of the kind of adults you will want them to end up as, their profession, their choice of course, their network and association, their achievement?

💥Do you know how to achieve all of the above without your children feeling pressured or forced at all?

Even if you don’t know worry no more.


Raising a child of your dream is possible but its daunting if you don’t know how.

There are strategies to making it happen.

It has to come with a lot of deliberateness and intentionality.

Raising each child is a project and must be handled as such if you indeed want to see the result you desire.

You must have a proper plan and strategy in place else you fall into the group of those who raise children by default.


In the Smart Parents Tribe, our goal for 2021 is to work and guide parents who will be Smart and Deliberate Parents who are willing to put in commensurate effort they put into their businesses into parenting.

At the Smart Parents Tribe, you will be guided on how to

💥Create your parent plan
💥Have access to monthly trainings on specific issues relating to raising adolescents in 21st century.
💥Book Reviews on specific books monthly




Parenting support group for me is a unique group, as it has taught me how to be more intentional about parenting my children. I have learnt that parenting is about the child and not exactly about the parent, and I have come also to understand the power of relationship in parenting, an how to use it in building up my children in the way I want them to grow.

Mrs. Ogunkanmi is truly passionate and committed to raising well behaved children who will eventually be responsible adults, their safety, and their overall wellbeing. She has a vision of no child (toddlers to adolescents being left behind), and this reflects in her laudable approach to impacting knowledge, as she goes beyond herself by bringing her wealth of knowledge, and also experts in diverse fields to address parenting issues and generally share such information with members of the support group.

As a mother of three, ages 12, 9 and 7, I can say that I have learnt practical tips on making the best relationship between my children and I, and I have gained greater positive influence with them. The parenting lessons are invaluable, an example of which is the No-Yelling Challenge, as well as the engaging posts and weekly to-do tasks she encourages us to have with the children.

To sum it up, it’s indeed an honor to be a member of the group and would recommend it to anyone looking for insight on becoming a better parent.


Temitayo Ologun

The Parenting Support System online has been of tremendous blessing and indeed support to me. In the group, you are taught all the strings of parenting in simple, easy and practical ways.

I enjoyed been in the group as our coach is always attentive and always willing to answer your questions no matter the time or how silly the questions are. Personalizing responses is also a major attraction for me. I always look forward to the teachings, it has been rewarding and fulfilling.

Mrs. Ngozi Craig

Who can join this tribe?

💥Parents who have children between 8 and 18 years.
💥Parents who want to raise children of their dreams.
💥Parents who are having tough time building relationship with their children.
💥Parents who wish to gain the trust of their adolescents and have  them talk about anything without reservations.

This is not for you if

💥You think that parenting happens by default.
💥You belong to the school of thought of “what will be will be”.

💥You belong to the school of thought that you were not close to either of your parents but you still turned out good so what the heck?
💥You should gain knowledge free of charge.


Your investment for this life transforming parenting journey for 2021 is very affordable because we want as many parents as possible.

Its on a subscription basis and if after a period, you don’t feel compelled to continue, you are free to pull out.

Your investment is a token of

💥N20,000 every quarter

💥N35,000 for the half-year and

💥N70,000 yearly



Please note that we have limited spaces.

Join us now and watch your relationship with your children take a 360 turn around.



Oluwatoyin is an advocate for positive parenting.

She helps parents to create a serene family life by teaching and providing them with practical strategies, tools and information to raise well- balanced children and Adolescents.

Oluwatoyin is a Psychologist and a  Certified Family Life Practitioner. She is the founder of Parenting Support System Ltd  an organisation that helps parents to create a serene family life without losing their cool

Oluwatoyin is the convener of  The No Yelling Challenge, Smart Parenting Workshop and  ParentsKonnect, forums where parents get together to discuss issues relating to their parenting journey.

Oluwatoyin is also the author of The Parenting Journal, Smart Parenting, Help! Who is this stranger in my home and also many other e-books?

Oluwatoyin as a certified  Parenting Educator with the USAID Better Parenting Nigeria Curriculum programme has trained over 5000 parents on her online parenting platforms and the groups.

She has been featured on many media platforms like Channels Tv, AIT, RhythmFM, WeFM, ArmedForces Radio, NigeriaInfo Abuja, Vision Fm and also Print media like the Daily Trust.

Oluwatoyin has a passion for teaching and coaching parents to be deliberate in their role and parenting journey.

She is married with 3 great children.