Raising some children are quite easy.

Tell them what to do, when to do it and how to do it and go to sleep. No stress! No qualms! Simply bliss!

And others, right under your eyes while you are watching, they will do the exact opposite of what you said.

The first group have their own advantages, you look like the super parent. Everyone uses your child as the perfect example but those ones are easily influenced – their own disadvantage.

The second group sure have a mind of their own. They are not easily influenced but they are sometimes labelled the black sheep of the family and many parents are frustrated and they may later just ignore them.

That’s risky!

So how do you balance the two especially if you have both group of kids in your house.

This is usually the beginning of favouritism and sibling rivalry that could be deadly sometime.

What do you do?

Join the Smart Parenting Online Workshop to learn tested, proven strategies that work every single time.

ย In this workshop, you will

  • Learn the basics of parenting
  • Learn how to understand the uniqueness of each child
  • Positive communication skill
  • Learn how to communicate and talk to your child for them to listen
  • Positive Discipline methods
  • How to create your family vision and goals
  • Self-care strategies


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